The new collection is ready and we are delighted to be able to present a huge range of ideas and materials. The collection is split up into seven programmes:

Fluide - DOB Klassik, Even More - Herren Klassik, Pleasure - DOB Casual, Verity - Herren Casual, Denim - Jeans, My Wave - Sport, Monsters - Kinder 

Fluide is a high quality, enchanting women’s outer garments programme with earthy nuances of colour. Fine embossed work in combination with exclusive paper, detailed

weaving techniques around enigmatic photographic motifs and the use of interesting materials all contribute to the charm of these labels.

Even More – here ‘less’ is simply ‘more’. The labels demonstrate very effectively how much ‘less’ can be. A wonderful serene blue and a stylish and striking red are the

basis of this classic and aesthetic men’s programme. Smooth surfaces with embossing or weaving represent sophistication and modern exclusivity.

Pleasure sparkles with joie de vivre. Various materials and techniques are combined and lovingly converted into handtags and labels.

The wonderful flower motif can be found on the labels either printed, embroidered or woven.

Denim – reduced to the bare essentials which make jeans what they are and what is needed for jeanswear.  Denim is simply denim!

Verity the casual programme for men  - straightforward and genuine.  Many of the materials used here are either recycled or sustainable  and others just look as if

they were. Where does the truth lie?  Are the labels made of real cork? Anyway the leather label is certainly not leather.

My Wave – sporty and high grade.  Due to the use of different materials and techniques the waves appear to be in motion you can almost feel the breeze wafting in the

handtags, woven labels and zipper-pullers. The classical colours of blue and white have been used.

Monsters are not terrifying at all but small cuddly beings inviting you to play with them. The colours and materials are combined with the adorable motifs to embellish any

garment and are guaranteed to get children’s eyes shining.