The new collection deals with transformation and variety. Everything is in a state of continuous change and evolution Borders disappear and shift. We have adopted four main trends:

Flower – Borders disappear between masculine and feminine.
Ligne Corbeau – Boundaries disappear between urban and nature.
Upgrade, John Lamber and Phyllis & Smith – Borders disappear between handcrafted and echnology. 
Disc and NOAH’S ARK – Borders disappear between the themes.

Borders disappear between masculine and feminine. Fantasy blends into reality. Flower represents beautiful labels for women’s outer garments; soft and gentle but at the same time matter-of-fact and reduced.

The combination of motifs and colours contains a pleasant and special harmony. Fine woven labels and transparent synthetic materials allow the borderline between natural and unnatural to disappear unobtrusively.

Classical men’s and boy’s wear. Reduced to the most essential in terms of colour; gold is deliberately overemphasized to set an accent. These labels indicate quality and style. The lion and the coat-of-arms are used as typically heraldic symbols and

emphasize the relationship to tradition and handcrafts. Here high-quality materials are put to use: especially finely woven labels with among other things, filigree structures, gold foil, embossed or lasered,; metal and much more.

Boundaries disappear between urban and nature, between human and animal. Nature becomes integrated into urban life but does not enjoy a special status becoming part of the city instead. Thus in this youthful set for women’s outer garments graphic clear

patterns are combined with pretty and ornamental ones, where the borders cannot clearly be perceived anymore. Different combinations of material interact resulting in a harmonic union.

Borders disappear between handcrafted and technology, between traditional and modern. These high-quality labels for men’s and boy’s wear rely on natural motifs making use of modern technology.

John Lamber presents high-quality labels with deceptively realistic motifs. The materials and structures are uncontrived and appear pristine.

Denim how it was meant to be. The labels are all embellished with vintage effects. Crumpled, frayed and ragged or ripped.

This denim set concentrates entirely on the effect of the materials. Classical labels with a very special finish.

This sports set stands out with its dynamic layout of lines and clear colours. The three lines run fast and purposefully through the labels indicating the right direction; i.e. forwards!

A wide variety of materials are used here. Silicone transfer, silicone-coated ribbons as well as lasered, printed and embossed foils. 

A special theme which continues to fascinate young and old again and again. Noah and his Ark together with a selection of animals are the main motif here and are used in many different ways.

The labels want to be touched and played with.The velcro label enables the animals to be moved around and repositioned. Don’t miss the chance to play with the little snake!